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About EuTenders portal

Seize a business opportunity by responding to invitations to tender of public corporations, institutions, ministries, government, municipalities and other public entities. Stay alert for up-to-date information on public tenders in the European Union and other countries in Europe in one place.

Advantages of the EuTenders portal

We provide registered portal users with information on current public procurementsand tenders that you will receive via e-mail or find on the portal. The service will save you time and money and contribute to the improvement of your operating performance.

European Tenders daily on your email

We process data from the European public procurement journal TED, and other We process data from the European public procurement journal TED, and other national public sources e-procurement and business proposals from partner portals. The database daily offers more than 200,000 open invitations to tenders.

Additional information:

Public procurements you will receive from us are selected according to your search profile. If public procurements don’t fit your requirements, please contact us in order to optimize your search profile.

We are inviting companies and individuals to join us in the marketing of our solutions. If you would like to collaborate with our company in the area of marketing in your country, please contact us at [email protected]

We wish you every success in your business.

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